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About Us

Food Magnet was founded in Dallas, Texas to help food truck owners find new business and customers. The pandemic shut down most of the events that food trucks participated in and made finding business difficult. Food Magnet connects trucks to local neighborhoods, offices and more who are in need of a food truck for an upcoming event. Food Magnet also helps foodies locate, follow, and receive promotions from their favorite trucks inside the mobile app.

Our Mission

Food magnet is a company focused on fostering relationships and connecting people to one another. It's our mission to connect great food to great people.

What is Food Magnet?

A multi-sided mobile application that helps food trucks locate places to go and park for business by creating an exclusive network to help trucks continuously grow clientele and maximize profits. Foodies may also download a separate app where they can receive discounts, awards, and stay up to date with their favorite food trucks.

Foodies can search, contact, and book registered food trucks in the mobile application for events, festivals and more.

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